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Let Me Be The One - Jimmy Bondoc

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Let me be the one to break it up 
So you won’t have to make excuses 
We don’t need to find a set up where 
Someone wins and someone loses 
We just have to say our love was true 
But has now become a lie 
So I’m tellin’ you I love you one last time 
And goodbye.

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© source → : Small ways to make a girl happy.


1. If you like her, straight up tell her. No one likes mixed signals. Have confidence, bro.

2. When you hug her, hug her like you mean it. Don’t give her one of those one-armed woosie hugs. Make it tight, and make it meaningful. It’ll make her feel secure.

3. When you…

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Speak up for your heart, so you won’t have regrets.
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→ Stay Positive: To make your relationship last.


  • It’s not a guessing game. Tell each other what you’re thinking, and what you’re feeling. If something the other person does bothers you, tell them. The longer you wait to handle a situation, the more pressing it’ll become on your relationship.
  • Never let phone calls or texts interrupt moments…

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